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How to choose a trolley case?


When purchasing a trolley case, consumers should first check the appearance of the box, that is, whether the box is square and the corners are symmetrical. The box can be placed upright or upside down on the ground to check if it is on all fours and not tilted. They should also check if the box surface is flat, without scratches or cracks, and pay special attention to the symmetry of the four corners of the box shell (top and bottom). Open the box and inspect the openings. The openings should match each other, with small gaps and seams. The hinges should rotate flexibly without jamming, and the Kema (buckle) should be able to close, buckle, and open. The inside of the box should be firmly adhered, and there should be no jumping or cracking of the textile fabric. The handle (mop) should be securely installed without any looseness. The pull rod should be flexible and have a certain degree of strength. The telescopic rod should be properly matched with the fixed rod, and the expansion should not be too large. After pressing the locking button of the pull rod, it should be able to smoothly retract and retract the pull rod. The box wheel should rotate flexibly, and it is best to choose a wheel with bearings. When checking the box lock, you can freely combine several sets of numbers for testing, and it can be opened and closed normally.

Trolley CaseTrolley Case

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