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The Importance of Bag Zippers


The most worrisome thing about a bag is the zipper, which can easily break and be very sudden.

The zipper is broken, it must have been pulled. The previous pull was still good, but this pull broke. If the zipper on the bag is okay, but if it happens to be the zipper on the crotch, it will be a bit troublesome. Losing face due to a zipper is not worth it.

The zipper suddenly broke, mostly due to one of the chain teeth. This chain tooth was originally no different from other chain teeth, but now, because it suddenly broke, the entire zipper is also invalid, and even the entire clothes or bags are also invalid at the same time. But except in rare cases, we cannot distinguish when purchasing zippers, so for us, zippers can only be left to chance. However, the quality of our company's bag zippers is still very good, and everyone can rest assured to use them. Generally, the above situations do not occur, as long as it is not pulled too hard, it will not break.

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